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Thursday 01. 10. 2015
4 New Maps
from BME

Der Turm, Long Lost Manse, Glitterland and Ghost House:

Check'm out, rate and comment to support the makers at:

tuesday 22. 09. 2015
New high-resolution pack for BloodCM released
from L3GEND

Flankerus has released a new new high-resolution pack for BloodCM . The project is still in alpha status .


Thursday 10. 09. 2015
Blood in FPS – First Person Shooter
from L3GEND

The movie FPS – First Person Shooter has recently been published on Blu-ray and DVD . A movie, which is based on Blood, Duke Nukem, Quake and DooM .

It's a production from the German director Andreas Tom . Despite the low budget, they involved "Stephan Weyte", the Blood Voice Talent , in this project . Stephan Weyte helped to develop new one-liners and also song fragments .

Monday 31. 08. 2015
The Night Texturepack Demo
from BME

Almost done, just a few corrections left to do.
The pack has got 654 textures plus 6 new skies.

Here's the latest demo map:


Saturday 29. 08. 2015
New BloodCM version released
from L3GEND

M210 has released a new version of Blood Crossmatching ( v08 ) .It contains three episodes and has a new file structure .


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