E2M1: Shipwrecked
Ride the small boat until it stops. Jump out, and up on the ship. Turn to the right, and jump into the hole. Kill everyone and collect the Fire key. Hit the switch on the wall, and a crate will lower, enabling you to jump out of the hold. Now walk all the way to the front of the ship with the locked steering wheel (requires Moon key). Kill the cultist carrying the Eye key. Get the key and retrace your steps until you see the Eye key door. Turn around and you'll see another Eye key door, enter this one. Go down the ramp, and you'll see the Skull key door over to your left.

Turn to your right and follow that passage. Keep walking past the Dining room, down the hall with the TNT barrel at the end. Blow it up, and enter into the water in the hole to the right. Swim down, look to your right, and you'll see the Fire key door. Open it, and get the Skull key. Now retrace your steps to the Skull key door. Enter the captain's quarters and grab the Moon key door. Now go back up to the deck, activate the steering wheel, and a cavern will open up to your left. Jump out of the boat, enter the cavern, and jump in the small pool. Follow the underwater passage, surface, climb the stairs, and push the symbol to end the level.
E2M2: The Lumber Mill
Go foward until you see the Dagger key door to your right. Turn left and walk outside. Turn left and walk until you see lumber stacks on your right and the Fire key door to your left. Turn right, and walk past the Skull key door, and you'll see two outhouses on a raised platform. Walk up the stairs and jump into the window where you see the Skull key. Jump back out the window, and retrace your steps and open up the Skull key door. Kill the cultist to get the Moon key.

Now go back to the outhouses and open up the right one. Jump down into the smelly mess, and push the switch over lower left side. Now find a place to surface, and you see the Fire key. Grab it and take the stairs to you right up. Find your way back to the Fire key door, enter it, and push the button in front of you. A panel to your left opens up, so jump in, and swim to the bottom to collect the Dagger key. Behind and above you, a hole will open up. Swim into, follow the passage, and jump out at the starting position. Walk down the hall, enter the Dagger key door to your right, and walk down the passage to your left. Push the symbol to end the level.
E2M3: Rest for the Wicked
Find your way through hedge maze (no, I'm not going to help you), taking note of the location of the Skull and Moon key doors, until you find the brick structure. Walk past it, and you'll soon find another brick structure. Open the door and kill the fat zombie to get the Skull key. Find your way back to the Skull key door, and open it. You'll find an area with a swimming pool over to your right. When you enter that area, turn right, and go through the door.

To your right you'll see a not-so-hot tub. Find the button on the side of it, and push it. Jump in the hot tub and collect the Moon key. Opposite the way you came in, you'll find a Moon key door. Go through it and you'll find yourself outside the building where you got the Skull key. Follow the hedge maze back to your starting point, and go through that Moon Key door. Turn to your right, walk all the way down, and push the symbol to end the level.
E2M4: The Overlooked Hotel
More hedge mazes. Find your way through it, and you find a wide opening flanked by gargoyle statues. Thankfully, that's the end of hedges on this level. Just keep going forward, and you find yourself at the Overlooked Hotel. Enter, go up the far staircase on your right, and grab the Skull key over to your left. Jump back down quickly to avoid the fireball, enter the Skull key door to your left, and grab the Fire key. Go back up the same stairs, turn left again, and enter the first door on your right. Walk across the library, turn left, and enter the other half of the library.

Immediately to your left is a differently colored bookcase. Push it and it lowers. Ride it up and get the first of the five tomes you need to get to the secret level. Directly in front of where you entered this room is a secret door. Push the bookcase, enter the secret passage, and turn to your right. You'll see a door on the right side of the passage. Enter it and pick up your second tome. As you leave this area, you'll see some red boards up ahead of you on the left side of the passage. Push these, and jump into the bedroom. Walk out of the bedroom, and follow the hall to your right. Around the corner, past the grandfather's clock, you see a door on your right. Enter it, and push the bookcase to collect the third tome. Leave the bedroom. Right next door is the Fire key door. Enter it, and to the room to the left is the Dagger key. Make sure you pick on the fourth tome on the nightstand. Leave the room, and walk down the spiral staircase to your right. Then walk up the staircase in front of you. You find a passageway on the right hand side that leads to the Dagger key door. Enter it and pick up the Spider key and the fifth and final tome.

Return to where you entered the hotel, and face the two spiral staircases. Go up the one on your right. You'll soon enter a room with a giant skull fireplace, exit the room to your right, and follow the passage along. When you come to the wooden doors, turn to your left, and keep going. You'll come to a room with a short staircase going down to double wooden doors. Open the door, and you'll see the Moon key. Again, if you want to be boring, grab the key, find the Spider key door, and find your exit. Instead enter into the smoking star to the right of the key, and be teleported to the secret level exit. Just walk into the darkened passage in front of you to leave this level.
E2M9: Thin Ice
Follow the passage, jump down on the ice below you, and swim over to the area on the left. Over on the far right of the area is a small niche with a dynamite detonator in it. Activate it, and a passage will open up behind you. Follow the passage into the water, swim into the next area, and find a hole in the ice above you. Surface and enter into the area over on the left. Jump up over the ice, and when you walk across the the next area the ice will open up underneath you. Jump in and you'll see two underwater passages. Take the one that up near the surface of the water, follow it, and surface when you reach the end of the passage. Walk along until you get to the room with the fire in the middle of it. Walk up the ramp to over on the right side of the room, and follow it to the lift. Take the lift up, and blow up the TNT barrels in the middle of the ice.

After all the ice falls, you'll notice a narrow ledge over to your right. Follow it along, jumping over the gaps in the ice. Just keep following the path you're on (through various rooms and ledges), and you'll eventually come to the Skull key. Grab it. Turn around, and make a difficult jump onto the ice tower. Jump on the next one, and then down to the area with the Life Seed. After picking up the Life Seed, turn to your left, and jump on the ice leading up to the ledge. Now follow the ledge around, until you get to the Skull key door. Open it, and push the symbol to end the level
E2M5: The Haunting
Walk forward, take the stairs up to your right, and enter into the area in front of the house. To the right of the house, you'll find a gap in the hedges. Before entering the hedge, use Boots of Jumping to jump up into the window behind you, and collect the Moon key (you can do this later if you don't have the Boots). Enter the hedge, and follow the path along, and you'll eventually come to a fence with Dagger key behind it. Since you can't get in, just keep going along the path. Eventually, you'll find yourself in front of another part of the house.

You'll find an entrance into the hedge maze over to the right. Make you're way through until you find the house. Walk up the steps and open the enter the doors. After going through another set of door, take the path to your right, and follow it until you get to a room with X-shaped planks. Shoot out the window to your right, and jump out of it. Walk up the steps over to your left, and turn right. Walk straight ahead, and go through the opening on your right. Turn the corner, and you'll see a pool with two gargoyle statues with the Spider key between them. Grab it, and backtrack to the steps. On your way to where you entered the house. Now take the stairs up, and open up the fist door to your left. Walk forward, hang a left, and you'll see the Spider key door to your right. Open it, and get the Eye key. Now backtrack, going back out the spider door, and back out the door from the hallway. Straight ahead, you'll see some railing on your left side. Walk to it, and you'll be overlooking a room with four large windows. Jump down, break one of the windows, and jump outside. Enter the hedges to your left, and ollow it along and you'll find the Dagger key you saw earlier. After you get the Dagger key, backtrack to the room with the four big windows.

You'll see a little room in the left-hand corner. Go into it, and open up the Dagger key door. Open up the cooler door on the left side of the kitchen, and get the Fire key. Go back in the kitchen, and go through the Fire key door. To your right is the Eye key door, enter it, and walk down the stairs to the wine cellar. Do not blow up the TNT barrel to your left. Walk to the end of the room, turn to your right, and you'll see another TNT barrel (blow this one up to find a lift which will take you back into the house if you accidently blew up the first TNT barrel). To the right of this barrel is the Skull key. Get it, and back up the stairs, through the Eye key door. Go through the double doors ahead of you, and walk outside. If you haven't already gotten the Moon key, there's an entrance to the hedge maze over to your left. Just follow it to the Skull key door, go upstairs, collect the Moon key, and return here.

 So, now that everyone's got the Moon key, just open up the Moon key door across the way. Enter into the Moon key door, and jump into the swimming pool. You'll find a crack in the corner, so blow it up with the Napalm Launcher. Enter into the opening, swim along the underwater passage, and surface in the next area. Jump out of the water, walk down the passage, and blow up the TNT barrels at the end of the hall. This will open up two passages. Take the one to your left, and follow it to the symbol that ends the level.
E2M6: The Cold Rush
Follow the passage out onto the ice. Make your way over to the right, and you'll find a narrow stream. Jump over it, turn to your right, and you'll see a passage in the rock face. Jump up the ice to get to it, and follow the passage. When you can't go any farther, look to your left, and you'll see a ledge. Jump on it. Turn right, and go forward, making two more jumps. Follow that ledge around to the end, jump to the next ledge on your left, and follow that one to the end.

At the end of the ledge, you'll see two passages across the chasm, you want to go to the lower of the two. Jump on over, collect the Skull key, then jump back out, and go to the higher passage. Follow the passage, and you'll come to a ledge overlooking your starting position. Jump down onto the building to your left, and you'll find the Skull key door. Enter it, go down the stairs, and enter the metal door across the hall. Push the button, walk out the room, and turn to your right. You'll see another flight of stairs, climb these, and go out the Skull key door on the second floor. To your left, you'll see a circular area with a button. Step in, and push the button. The room will spin around, revealing a switch. Push it, and you'll see a door open outside the window. Now go back to spinning room, and hit the button again. Jump across to the ledge where the door just opened, enter it, and push the symbol to end the level.
E2M7: The Bowels of the Earth
As you walk into the next room, the floor will crack open. If you look down in the newly opened chasm, you'll see a passage has opened up below you. Carefully jump down into it. Follow the passage along, and eventually there will be a cave-in, and you'll be attacked by zombies. Kill the zombies, and continue along the passage using the last zombie hole to your right. You'll come to a room with a mine car with a lever in it. Jump in, pull the switch, and ride it to the next area (you can also walk, it doesn't make any difference). When you get to the next area, you'll see the rocks to your left falling down, and a ledge behind them.

 Jump onto the ledge, and follow it to your left. You'll eventually come to a room with a stone in the middle, two ledges on either side, and a passage in front of you. Enter the passage, and up the ramp. Follow that passage around, and you'll eventually see a passage to your left. Follow it. You'll eventually come to a large area with a wooden bridge and a hole in the floor. Jump down into the hole, and you'll find a lever in the room you land in. Push it, and follow the passage. You'll find another lever, which activates the lift. Enter the lift, push the lever to ride it up, and blow the crack in wall. Walk out into the passage, and go right. You'll find yourself in the area with the bridge and the hole again. This time, follow the steps on your left, and cross the bridge. To your left, you'll see a conveyor belt & smasher working. Jump in, and carefully make your way around. You find some Boots of Jumping, and a lever on your right of the Boots. Push the lever, and you'll see the chains start to move. Follow the chains, and use the Boots of Jumping when you get to the end of the hall. You'll find yourself on an incline, keep moving forward, and jump down. Follow the passage in front of you to the bridge, cross over it, and duck down under the boards at the end of the passage. Follow that passage (blowing up the TNT if you like) to a room with a pool. Jump in, and move through the pillars on your left. You'll find a large wooden lever at one end, and a door at the other. Pull the lever, go through the now-opened door, and follow the underwater passage.

 Surface, and enter the lift. Follow the ledge, jump over the gap, and follow the passage to the lift. Activate the lever, and ride the lift up. Cross the bridge, jumping over the gap, and enter the passage to the right. You'll come to a bridge with crack at the the end of it. Blow the crack (and part of the bridge). Use the Boots to jump over gap. If you don't have the Boots, you can always use the skull posts on the right side of the bridge to get across. Turn to your right, and follow the passage down to the Temple. Enter through the spider doors, and down inside. In the room with the gargoyles, there's a gray pillar. Push it, and a passage will open up. Follow it, and push the symbol to end the level
E2M8: The Lair of Shial
You shouldn't have too much trouble finding Shial's lair. Quickest way is to jump in the water, move forward, and surface in the next area. Go up the stairs, and the stone that you see in front of you is the underside of the ramp leading up to Shial. Just circle around it, and go up the ramp. Kill Shial to end the level.