Cryptic Passage Secrets

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Note: The number of secrets does not always match the number given at the end of the level. And in the case of the last level, there is no official number of secrets given. For levels that are missing secrets, there is most likely a bug that prevents the Non Secret given from being counted as a secret.

Level 1: Boat Docks

1) At start, dive into the water. Enter into the vine covered opening, and swim to the end of the passage. Surface to get the secret. Contains: Diving Suit

2) Just before the crossing the bridge to the Skull key, push the wall to the right. Contains: Napalm Launcher, Life Seed

3) After going through Skull key door, you'll notice a different textured wall on the right side of the right hand fork. To open it, continue down this fork, and take a left. There'll be a narrow passage with a switch at the end. Turn it, and return to the wall. Contains: Flares, Shotgun Shells

4) Push Grandfather clock. Contains: Doctor's Bag

5) In room next to secret #4, push shelves with skulls on it. Contains: Super Armor

Level 2: Old Opera House (1 Missing)

1) Upstairs in the Opera House is a tapestry of unicorn between to candles. Walk into it. Contains: Life Seed

2) In "Dressing Room," open the cabinet and push the wall behind the clothes. Contains: A secret passage to some ammunition

3) In the room where you get the Dagger key, play the piano, and the bookshelves to your left spin around. Contains: A Secret Passage

Non Secret)  Enter the Moon key door, and enter the first door to your right. Push the bookshelves. Contains: Cloak of Invisibility, Doctor's Bag

Level 3: Gothic Library (1 Extra)

1) Push the painting to the right of the Eye key door. Contains: Life Seed

2) Press bookcase outside of Fire key door. Contains: Death Mask

3) In the Eye key room, press the wall behind the table & chair. Contains: Life Seed

4) After pressing the button on the toppled bookcase, enter into the room with the Fire key. Push the shelves near the door. Contains: Guns Akimbo

Level 4: Lost Monastery (1 Extra)

1) Before entering the first building, use the bench to jump over the wall. Contains: Tommy Gun, Flares

2) Jump back from the first secret. Hopefully, you still have a zombie or two running around. Use one to jump over the wall on the other side of the bench. Contains: Napalm Launcher, TNT, Life Essense

3) In the room with the switch, push the wine cabinet  near the door. Contains: I forgot

4) To the right of the church doors is a tree. Push the symbol behind it to open a area on the other side of the building. Contains: Tesla Cannon

5) In the church, crouch down and press the skull on the alter. The cross opens up to reveal the secret room. Contains: Life Leach, Life Seed

6) After you jump down the well and surface at the other end. Walk into the waterfall. Contains: Cloak of Invisibility

7) After getting the Eye key, go through the spider web. Push the stone slab to reveal the secret area. Contains: Life Seed, Tesla Cannon

Level 5: Steamboat (2 Extra)

1) Jump into the left lifeboat at the rear of the steamboat. Contains: Life Seed

2) Jump into the right lifeboat at the rear of the steamboat. Contains: Super Armor

3) On the way to the Skull key, jump into the furnace. Contains: Life Seed

Level 6: Graveyard

1) On the way to the Skull key, you'll notice a door that won't open. Jump into the grave in the corner of the area, and push the switch to open it. Contains: Guns Akimbo

2) Just before the Skull key, push the differently colored leaves on the left side of the passage. Contains: Life Seed

3) Enter into the room to the left of the Eye key door. In the next room is a wooden staircase. Walk up the first three steps and push the wall to your left. Contains: Doctor's Bag

4) Climb the stairs up to the room with the fireplace. Crouch down and push the Mortuary slab closest to the door. Contains: Super Armor

5) After you get the Eye key, jump over to stone wall on your left and push it. Contains: Basic shield, Life Essence

6) Just before you climb up the stairs to push the switch that raises the staircase. Turn around and jump into the fire. Follow the path. Contains: Exit to the Secret Level

Level 10: Boggy Creek

No Secrets

Level 7: Mountain Pass (1 Missing)

1) After using the forklift to jump to the newly opened door, go around the corner, and push the wall past the switch. Contains: Life Leech

2) After getting past the broken bridge and transversing the narrow ledge, push the wall to the right immediately after going through the doorway (there's no door, just a doorway). Contains: Tesla Cannon

Non Secret) After jumping in the newly opened door from Secret #1, Press the controls on your left. A compartment will open to your right. Contains: Life Seed

Non Secret) When you see the Voodoo Doll on the outside of two windows, turn the corner and press the wall to get on the ledge. Contains: Voodoo Doll

Level 8: Abysmal Mine (1 Missing)

1) After you get the Eye key, push the pillar. Then look down over the cliff, where you'll see a ledge. Contains: Life Seed, Super Armor

Non Secret) After you surface from the start, turn right and blow the crack in the wall. Contains: Life Seed, Tesla Cannon

Level 9: Castle 

1) Just before you enter the door leading to the walkway surrounded by water, look to your left. You'll see a differently colored section of the wall. Contains: Life Seed, 

2) On the walkway surrounded by water, keep walking until you get to the door. Turn left and jump into the water. Follow the underwater passage and surface. Contains: Beast Vision, Napalm Launcher

3) Walk into the fireplace. Contains: Tommy Gun

4) After secret #2, you'll eventually come to a large room with skinny pillars. Turn around and face the doorway (again, no door) you just walked through. To the left is a wall with marks on it. Push it and you'll reveal a small area with a Life Seed. Push the button and you'll be lowered down to the secret. Contains: Tesla Charges

5) When you enter the hallway with the suits of armor on both sides. To your right, you find a hidden switch in between the first and second suits. Hit it, and the middle suit behind you lowers. Contains: Life Seed

Non Secret) In between Secret #2 and Secret #3 is a room filled with crates surrounded by water. Jump in the water and find the gap in the gap in the gate. This is directly under the area where the crates were. Contains: Super Armor

Non Secret) Just after the first pair of Boots of Jumping, you'll notice a ledge above the hall way. Use the Boots to get up to it. Contains: Tesla Charges

Non Secret) After riding the lift over, follow the ledge around the building. Contains: Life Seed, Tesla Charges

Non Secret) When you enter into the final battle, you'll see a button behind a pillar. Push it, and the pillar will slowly lower. Contains: Death Mask

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