Post Mortem

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E6M1: Welcome to your Life

1) After entering the store, push on one of the cash registers. Congratulations, you're the one millionth customer, collect your prize behind you. Contains: Guns Akimbo

2) In the Manager's office, push cabinet in corner. Contains: Basic Armor

3) Behind the fan on the roof, there's a crack in the wall. Blow it open. Contains: Life Seed

4) Behind the Moon key, there is a odd texture. Push it. Contains: Tommy Gun

Super Secret) Just to the left of the Eye key is a case. Either use an innocent or the shirt rack to jump on top of it; or, if you're really masochistic, you can use a dynamite jump. Push the middle of the wall. Contains: Life Leach

E6M2: They are Here

1) Near the beginning of the level, jump into the words "Stay Out." Contains: Guns Akimbo

2) Also near the beginning. Enter the door under the "Keep Out" sign. Go up the ramp until you here a door open. Quickly run back the way you came to see a door open in the crates. Be quick, it doesn't stay open long. Contains: Boots of Jumping

E6M3: Public Storage

1) When you get to the Skull key door (where the fat zombies are), turn around the way you just came. Walk up to the crate, and turn to your left. Use Boots of Jumping to get into fake wall. You can also get to it from the room with the Dagger key. Move to the end of the room, turn around and squat down and press the left hand side drawers and a secret room will open behind you. Contains: Reflective shots, Voodoo Doll

2) In room with the Knife key door, you'll find a crack. Blow it open. Contains: Shotgun

3) In room with Knife key, push the bookcase. Contains: Proximity Detonators

4) Enter the Knife key door in the same room as secret #2. Walk until you get to some straw on the floor. You'll see a short stack of crates, and a large stack of crates of the same color. Push the large crates, and it will lower. Quickly jump on the short stack and use Boots of Jumping to get into secret area. Contains: Death Mask

5) In the same room, look for a ramp. Next to it is a crack. Blow it open. Contains: Tesla Cannon, Basic Shield

6) After entering Skull key door, walk all the way forward and you'll see a gap in the crates to your right. Walk in to get to the secret area. Contains: Guns Akimbo

7) Next to the conveyor belt, you'll see two control panels. Push the one on the right and a compartments opens behind you. Contains: Life Seed

E6M4: Aqueducts (one missing)

1) After turning the power back on, go into the one remaining column and swim up. Contains: Super Armor

2) In the 2nd underwater area. You'll see two spinning turbines, go toward the left one and continue around the bend. You'll see a passage up near the water level. Enter it and follow it to the secret area. Contains: Life Leach, Life Seed

3) When facing the fire key, you'll see a ledge off to the left. Drop down, and use Boots of Jumping to get on the ledge. Contains: Cloak of Invisibility, Guns Akimbo

4) In the room with the Spider key, you'll see a crack in the wall. Blow it open. Contains: Tesla Cannon

E6M5: The Ruined Temple

1) When you come to the courtyard, enter the building to your right. Blow up the rubble in the left corner. Contains: Fire Armor, TNT Bundle

2) Leave the building from secret #1, and go directly across the way. There's a long hallway with windows facing the courtyard. Walk all the way down it into the little room with the voodoo doll in it. You'll see a block with some blood stains on it. Push it. Contains: Doctor's Bag

3) Leave secret #2, and you'll see a crack on the wall in the hallway. Blow it open and follow it the passage. Take your prize and watch out for the nasty surprise. Contains: Full Armor

4) In the room with the Eye key, use the thing in the middle of the room to get in one of the rooms above you. Contains: Life Seed

5) Next to the room with the Eye key is a room filled with cultists. Kill the cultists and drop down the hole to your left. Keep moving forward or you'll fall all the way down. Contains: Guns Akimbo, Door to Super Secret

Super Secret) From Secret #3, turn to your left, and push the wall. Contains: Death Mask

E6M6: Forbidden Rituals

1) After entering the Dagger key door, jump onto the slanted ledge to your right. Look up at the guard post and you'll see a button on the outside of it. Shoot it, and a door will open in the courtyard below. Contains: Reflective Shots, Voodoo Doll

2) After coming out of first secret, move a little to your right and look up at the guard house. You should see a button (if not, you can jump up to it from the slanted ledge). Shoot it, and a door opens up to the right of you. Contains: Guns Akimbo, Flares

3) Enter the gate near secret #2 and go to the planks which form an X. Turn around and walk to the wall. Push it and it will lower down. Contains: Beast Vision, Shotguns Shells

4) Push the wall from secret #3, and get on top of it. Ride it up to the ledge. Contains: Basic Shields, Gas Can, Proximity Detonators

5) Walk across the rising wall from previous two secrets, and push the wall. Contains: Life Seed, Full Armor

6) Break through the X planks, and jump down the pit in that area, and walk until you find a niche on your left covered in vines. Push the left wall, and follow the passage up the ramp. At the end of the passage, turn to the right, and push the wall. Ride the lift up to the secret area. Contains: Full Armor

7) Go back to the original passage, and continue on past  the entrance to the previous secret. You'll come to a room with tubes on the left side. In the far left corner is a switch. Turning it opens a compartment to your left on the other side of the tubes. Contains: Cloak of Invisibility, Flare Gun

8) Enter the lift in the room with the caged zombie, and get off of the elevator on the middle floor with the cobwebs. Follow the passage along until you get to a room filled with crates. Jump up on the stack of crates to your right. Pushing the wall facing away from the stairs. Contains: Cloak of Invisibility

9) Go up the stairs and enter into Cultists' ritual room. Jump into the pool of brown water. Contains: Death Mask

10) Go back outside and find the cemetery. From the cemetery walk to arch, and push the right inside wall of the arch. Contains: Full Armor

Secret Level) Shoot the eye above Moon key door, and the entrance to the secret level opens up to your right. 

E6M9: Forgotten Catacombs

1) From the start, walk around corner and push wall to your right. Contains: Flare Gun

2) Push the switch next to the Skull key, and quickly run to the Skull key door. A platform will have lowered. Contains: Life Leach

3) After going through the skull key door, you'll enter an area with some bridges to your left. Go all the way forward and turn to your left. You'll see a slightly different colored wall. Push it and take the lift up to the secret area. Contains: Life Seed

4) Through the Eye key door, you'll find a ramp going up into a wall. Go up the wall and push the wall. Contains: Cloak of Invisibility

5) Outside the room with the Fire key is a switch. Push it, and a gate will lower to your right. Jump to that ledge. Turn around and jump to the ledge with the Voodoo Doll. Walk down the path, and push the wall behind the Full Armor, revealing a teleporter. Entering it takes you to a room with a switch. Hit the switch and take the lift up, where you can finally jump to the ledge that is the secret area. Contains: Doctor's Bag, Proximity Detonators

E6M7: The Dungeon

1) Open the door to your left. After the you fall into the room with the fireballs, open the first door to your right. Contains: Cloak of Invisibility

2) When you get to the Skull key door, push the left skull symbol. It will open an area to your left. Ride the lift up and grab all the goodies. The last item is the secret. Contains: Life Seed

3) After crossing the bridge moving toward the Moon key door, there's a door to your left. Contains: Guns Akimbo

E6M8: Beauty and the Beast

No secrets, but on the inside hub, you'll find some skull switches. Push them and platforms in the middle hub will lower, allowing you to get some extra goodies.