Dead Reckoning

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E4M1: Butchery Loves Company

Go from starting point to the upstairs where key lays. Blast ghost away and study the bookshelf.
Contains: Body armour

Ok, you grabbed the key and are now walking back to the starting room. Hmm, between two Jacob's Ladders just opened the niche. And it seems to open always when you step on the area before the door.
Contains: Doctor's bag

When begin to raise stairs leading to Brain Storage, you might note that a wall beside a secret door is marked with Blood.
Contains: Voodoo doll

Just before Brain Storage (No Zombies allowed!) you hear creaking somewhere down. Look down from the edge and you perhaps notice a niche just closing. Go back to the stairs and run up to peek again. It is in the wooden support pillar.
Contains: Cloak of invisibility

At the great hall with table and electric thing, there's a shootable face (button) at up there. Go to the doorway and step towards the table so you note it. Shoot it and the lift goes down at the next corridor.
Contains: Life leech, trapped soul

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E4M2: Breeding Grounds

Push lever near the spider key, it will open the secret niche. You find your prize when you go back stairs up and open the locked door.
Contains: Life seed

Also in spider cellar there's different wall section just left from the gate. Push it and it will slide back.
Contains: Doctor's bag

There's a pool where gargoyles hover over it. Finish gargoyles off with napalm launcher and dive to the pool. When swimming around the pillar you'll surely spot a niche.
Contains: Diving suit, full armour

Where's first key?
Civilian have it. Feel free to waste him.

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E4M3: Charnel House

At the high room with rising stairs there's rectangular pool. Usually monks drop right there from upstairs. Throw few remote detonators on the pool, push the detonator button and dive in.
Contains: Life seed

This one's directly below the water tower, dive down and you won't miss it. There's napalm launcher, if you continue swimming to the hole.
Contains: Body shield

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E4M4: Crystal Lake

After you make your way out of the first building, zombie rush to attack you from some invisible place at the left. If you investigate more closely the left side, you will find illusionary wall just next the shed.
Contains: Voodoo doll

There's a real gathering of monks and civilians on the large hall with fireplace. After clearing the hall take care of one sucker crouching at the smaller room with TNT bundles. Then, there seems to be some spray cans nearby, ok, you get them. But, opposite the smaller room's window is a wooden wall, which seems to be a good place for a lift. Try searching near spray cans.
Contains: Two charges, two promixity detonators, a box of shells, full armour

There's a bridge with ghost. At the left side of bridge is a hidden niche. You must stand on a river to find it.
Contains: Guns Akimbo

There's a house full of spiders and creeping hands. Between two doors is a lantern. Push the wall under it to reveal a niche.
Contains: Life seed

From the WC you drop below. In the sewers you find an area restricted by bars. Try the napalm launcher to the bars.
Contains: Two trapped souls

You finally reach the Tchernobog sign. Despite of spiders try to make some research around and blow up the secret wall located at the left if viewed from the sign.
Contains: SECRET LEVEL, E4M9: Mall of the Dead

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E4M5: Fire and Brimstone

There's a pillar with voodoo doll. Grab the doll and turn around. You should see a ledge which is reachable by a well-aimed jump.
Contains: Boots of Jumping

There's a full armour at the top of pillar. You surely notice it. Jump on it from level above.
Contains: Full armour

Just before the last brigde leading to the tower, turn around and take a peek what is down there. Somewhat below there is a hidden path going inside the tunnel.
Contains: Doctor's bag, two gas canisters, a box of shells

When you find the path described above, continue it all way up, do not enter to the teleport. You perhaps notice differently coloured wall?
Contains: A secret place with monks

Near the temple is a ledge with item which you spotted a times ago from down below. Those two stripes in wall is a lift, do not jump down below.
Contains: Life seed
How to take care of the large spider?
Lure it to the bridge and blow it down to the lava. Maybe it won't die, but also it won't bother you anymore.

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E4M6: The Ganglion Depths

The great chasm and stairway leading downwards. After you waste monks with double machine guns, you perhaps surely note grotesgue gargoyle statues on the platform either sides of stairway, unless you whacked them to the chasm already. look near one of the gargoyle statue was and you should notice reachable level nearby.
Contains: Doctor's bag, a box of shells, body armor

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E4M7: In the Flesh

There's two raising and lowering platforms at another lung. You can jump on lower one and every second time you have a chance to get on another.
Contains: A box of flares, a box of shells

You made your way up from the slime and there's now another niche with button and creeping hands and another leading to the heart. Burn creeping hands out and go near the tunnel leading the button. Look backwards and slightly upwards. At the middle wall is nearly invisible skull mark under flesh. If you won't see it, walk around a little and try to spot it. It is shootable, so I suggest machine gun or shotgun.
Contains: Full armour

The heart is pounding. As you slip from the chamber to another, search for the niche on the middle pillar.
Contains: Doctor's Bag.

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E4M8: The Hall of the Ephiphany

That's it. The final showdown. I suggest saving your game until charging the battle. Whack the Tchernobog mark with pitchfork or similar to get in the business. Remember that you should kill the stone gargoyle with voodoo doll and few napalm/tesla shots, the spider eats gladly TNT and spray cans, throw any extra TNT and tesla shots to the dog and then pound it with napalm launcher without wasting ammo, then you have still left a quite arsenal for Tchernobog.

There's a shootable button over the throne.
Contains: Guns Akimbo

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 E4M9: Mall of the Dead

This is unbeliavably great scenario. You're on a shopping mall and everywhere sounds that irritating shopping music (note: hint!). Also if you start without weapons you get some exciting moments when running away from two stone gargoyles. Gargoyle groans fit just fine to the shopping music. :-)
There's a crack on a wall at room near escalators. You get also there by dropping in hole located at upstairs in piperoom.
Contains: Life seed

Differently coloured cash register opens a secret niche in small wooden room.
Contains: Cloak of invisibility

Near fake exit there's a fan and some free space after it. Use boots of jumping to get in, if it seems to be hard task.
Contains: Full armour

In the pipe leading to the storage room near exit has strange crate in the ceiling. Guess what's that?
Contains: Doctor's bag

This was somewhat hard to me. Where's the last secret? Obviously in the same room where another secret (dropping from pipe room leads there) was. There is a light marking something. If you stop that annoying shopping music, you may find finally peace for your soul by finding that last damned secret in this game.
Contains: Guns Akimbo Thank you ladies and gents if you read this far. The Secrets of Blood have been illuminated now. I'm done.  

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