Farewell to Arms

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E3M1: Ghost Town Secrets

From the starting point to the left is a building where you must go. At downstairs you encounter some zombies and monks. After finishing them off you'll find a room decorated with paintings. At the right is a large painting. Push it and it slides down.
Also don't miss Body Shield behind the frontdoor...
Contains: A drum of bullets

The way to the upstairs: you're blowed fire extinguisher, visited other house and civilians, continued your way past jammed door and took care of the hellhound guarding the corridor and door... And few ghosts: already dead when they met you. So, the room where ghosts were. See the painting at the far wall? Push it and it slide out of your way.
Contains: Life seed

Civilians get blasted away by explosion. Climb to the hole and civilians and monks get some more blasting. Clear nearby room containing the key. Don't miss the flare gun behind the curtain. Then, close the door where you came.
Contains: Reflective shots

Skull key fits to the middle building. Enter and turn to the right. Near the front door is a small chest of drawers. Push it and it will slide away... now go to empty your guns to monks at next room.
Contains: Guns Akimbo

A big hall with a table and a door leading to manager. There's a cough leaning on the wall. Push it's right side (crouch and then push).

Thanks to StrWarsNut for this one.
Contains: Napalm launcher

There's manager's room. Give something to manager and then push the shelf where items lay.
Contains: Cloak of invisiblity

Go to the table where monks kept their ambush in middle building. Jump over. See the crack on the wall? Enlarge it a bit. There's a skeleton hanging there. You can also make a way out to the streets here.
Contains: Two remote detonators, promixity bomb

In the middle building: there's a spider door near which you find a doctor's bag. From same hall there is a view down to bigger room. Go in after you find the key. There's a sofa leaning the wall and monk hiding behind it. Finish the monk and pull the furniture. It will move enough and you'll notice the grate blocking the air shaft. Go to the shaft and you'll end up in room with a lot of Wunderbaums hanging from the ceiling, quite stained bed and SLOTH written on wall.
Contains: Tesla Cannon and two charges

Go back from the Wunderbaum-room and jump out of window. No, not to the ground, to the destroyed building, of course.
Contains: Voodoo doll, promixity bomb

Spiders keep their nest over the elevator. You can climb there by using small metal ledges in elevator's wall. There's a SUPER SECRET in the same place.
Contains: Life seed, full armour

SUPER SECRET: This is located over elevator, approaching the spider egg grants another secret in addition of normal one.
Contains: Full armour, life seed...

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E3M2: The Siege

When you must drop down to the kitchen through the pipe, before jumping down throw first some TNT to the DANGER-box. Don't whack box with pitchfork!
Contains: Boots of Jumping

A pillar blows up and usually few civilians also. You can climb at the top of the pillar. Fires won't burn you, they just scare wussies away.
Contains: Life seed

At the bank vault, locate a button near the ceiling. You can either use Boots of Jumping to get there or climb near the exit hole on the lockers and find the illusion wall. By pressing the button, a secret vault opens.
Contains: Voodoo doll

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E3M3: Raw Sewage

At the start you see differently coloured support structure. You must take the item for getting credited.
Contains: Diving suit

Then you must go underwater. When spinning the wheels, press several times and look at your back. Secret place opens only at once.
Contains: Life seed

There are beds with straw, zombies will lay back down after you give sufficient amount of shotgun to them. Look at the bed beyond the corner. Push all around it, it will slide down. This secret is pretty difficult, finding the right spot by just trying quickly is hard.
Contains: Beast vision

In sewer with slime running down where large number of zombies attack you first time: There's metallic boxes with cables all around the sewer, this one is differently coloured.
Contains: Tesla Cannon, 2xcharges

The room with spinning key storage. There are rusty machines around the room and plants hanging on them. Behind one plant there's a button. If it's hard to find, blow bushes away.
Contains: Voodoo doll

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E3M4: The Sick Ward

Near the starting, behind the information desk there's monster picture hanging on wall. It is illusionary, you can walk through or blow it away. Don't forget the doctor's bag nearby.
Contains: Voodoo doll

There's one room with single bed and large zombie. At the corner is a machine. Push the machine and it will move aside.
Contains: Guns Akimbo

From the window you see how monks kill civilians down below. Want to go with them? Looking from left window you probably notice a button on the wall. Shoot it with shotgun or machine gun. Note that all items are in civilians, so you must finish monks' job.
Contains: Various items, including life seed and full armour

In morgue: there's a blood trail coming from coffins. Put your hands on it.
Contains: Voodoo doll, full armour

In morgue there's a button in one coffin. By pushing it you open a secret room near elevator. There's a baby here.
Contains: Beast vision

Not secret: Near radiology room is storage with creeping hands and barrels. Blow all up.
Contains: Life seed

SECRET LEVEL: At the chapel, there's a button near the ceiling. It opens a way near the place where ghosts came. You see the button clearly when you go to the altar and look back and up. Tchernobog sign and E3M8: Catacombs is waiting for you.

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E3M5: Spare Parts

There's a rotating thing with armor on it. Go for armor. As hanging there above lava, you may notice a teleporter under the walking ledge. Jumping fast when running on lava prevents you to burn yourself.
Contains: Invulnerability

Conveyor belt runs into furnace near lift. You surely notice it. Don't care to resist the urge, let it bring you in.
Contains: Life seed

Very near previous conveyor belt is oven door. It is somewhat brown thus differencing itself another oven doors. You see it when you walk the path before conveyor belt, the left one is the right one. By pressing it, you lower lava platform coming behind you, rush quickly in. You must consider if this secret is worth of visiting, you usually burn yourself quite badly.
Contains: Guns Akimbo

There's a load of boxes in storage. As you rush to the life seed, you perhaps note also Tesla Cannon on boxes at the center of the room. You get there by jumping from life seed or jump on boxes and then slipping around a corner.
Contains: Tesla Cannon

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E3M6: Monster Bait

E3M6: Monster Bait
Walk forward from the starting point and go to the machinery (and shotgun) onwards. The window is at your left. Go out through it. You should be on a path leading upwards. Follow. Near waterfall is a ledge, you may need Boots of Jumping to get there, however it is possible also without them, but damn difficult.
Contains: Doctor's bag

There's a life seed at the end of corridor in very visible spot, you must only to jump to get it. I suggest Boots of Jumping if you don't want to break your nerves..
Contains: Life seed

At the another end of corridor with life seed secret there's a small hole near your foot level.
Contains: Beast vision