Even Death May Die Secrets

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E2M1: Shipwrecked

There's a small ice pillar at the middle of the ship. When you arrive with boat, travel a short distance to the right and take a peek behind the pillar.
Contains: Diving Suit

In the another side of the ship, there's an icy cave.
Contains: Voodoo Doll

With diving suit, dive under the ship. There's two holes in ice, one at the middle and the one at the ship's head leading under the ship. Dive in under ship's head. There's water monsters nearby, so be careful. Swim further under the ship and you should notice a small hole at your right.
Contains: Life seed

In storage where fire key also is located, take a look at the greatest pile of boxes very near the wall. You'll fit also between wall and them.
Contains: Medi-kit

In the room underwater where moon key lays, swim up to take breath and you should notice hole and blazing flame at far corner of the room.
Contains: Life seed

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E2M2: The Lumber Mill

At starting, exit the house and go to the left. Very near at right there's sawing material in gradually rising piles. Jump up, go to the highest of them, break the window and jump in. At to the right is a small room full of monks. Litted TNT should clear it fully. Push the cupboard to reveal small niche behind it.
Contains: Full armor, some TNT bundles

Another pile of wood lays at the backyard. From starting point go to the left so much as you can. Climb to the top of the highest pile and you should notice a hole in the wall near the roof level.
Contains: A box of TNT, a flare box
Multiplayer: Life leach

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E2M3: Rest for the Wicked

As you come to brick wall and two stairs leading to the top of it and two switches located inside, turn left and you should see different hedge.
Contains: Body shield

A large zombie resides inside circular building where also key lays. There's a hole in ceiling, obviously unreachable. Try to use zombie as a ladder (you may get some unpleasant whipping damage from this and zombie won't stand still all the time) or use Boots of Jumping to get up. Spiders rush to attack you when you put your head up there.
Contains: Several trigger bombs

Near previous building is shed with garden tools and zombies. Left wall will give way.
Contains: Doctor's Bag

In small courtyard with monks and zombies is a shovel (near house). Pull the shovel, so a hedge opens at front of you. There's a stoned guy which is a perfect target for pitchforking.
Contains: Invulnerability

Swimming pool and a plank for diving in. Remove swimming beasts first and then jump and dive in using plank. Turn around and you'll figure out a small niche which opens under jumping plank.
Contains: Life seed

At the end of this map, drop a piece of dynamite at your feet and propel yourself on top of the fence and look at the window. It looks like there is somebody in the window!
Contains: N/A *new*

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E2M4: The Overlooked Hotel

Seventeen secrets here, oh dear... and I must give some presentations about them to you... and don't forget the tomes, they let you pass to the secret level. Remember that you must go through all entrys to secret passage or you won't get all secrets.
In the hedge maze, there's small pillar lift up (near two large zombies). Walk and jump over hedges to the flares.
Contains: A Box of flares

The entrance to the hotel. Do not go in, instead go back to the stairs and jump to the ledge going around the whole courtyard. Whack gargoyle statues down, so they don't awake...
Contains: Body armor

So, you arrived inside. Clean the hall before you and go straight ahead and a little left. You surely notice brown stone slab with cross?
Contains: TNT box, a box of shells

Inside one of the bedrooms is a bookshelf. Push it!
Contains: TOME

In the same room with tome hidden behind bookshelf is a closet with fire armor. Jump to the bed and you hear when a way to The Secret Passage opens in closet.
Contains: A Way to Secret Passage

At the end of The Secret Passage. You see through the mirror to the WC. You also can go through mirror...
Contains: Voodoo Doll

There's a grandfather clock at the corridor corner. Guess what?
Contains: A Way to Secret Passage

At the another end of The Secret Passage is different colored wall, guess again what lurks behind.
Contains: Teleporter Shortcut (you don't need spider key now)

Coming from teleporter shortcut saves you from the quest for spider key. Opening the wall to come out from teleporter credits a secret (or, for coming in, wall is really different coloured... red.
Contains: Teleporter Shortcut

Before teleporter shortcut is a secret room near library. Actually there's one way peep hole to library, if you wonder from where monk pelts you with shotgun. There's also cupboard in secret room, don't miss it.
Contains: TOME, cloak of invisiblity

Again, in one of the bedrooms and beds, press the wall over the pillow to open one more way to the beloved secret passage.
Contains: One more Way to The Secret Passage

From the left side library viewed from outdoor direction (also accessible via red 'secret' door) push the middle shelf leaning to wall (slighty different from anothers).
Contains: The Last Way of Ways to The 'Secret' Passage

In the left side library is a lift. It's the different coloured bookshelf.
Contains: TOME, The Door to The Next Secret

By opening the door over the bookshelves in library credits you a secret.
Contains: Two gasoline cans

In library: Take the gasoline and jump to nearest small bookshelf, pushing the wall will open another secret passage (not The Secret Passage, just a secret passage with small letters). You'll get around to the Guns Akimbo with this route.
Contains: Drum of bullets, some misc. stuff, Guns Akimbo

There's a picture of entrains (how nice) near entrance hall. From entrance hall it is the 'first to right' stairs. Push it and spiders will attack you.
Contains: A box of TNT, a drum of bullets, body shield

Moon key room with all secrets. Check out the fireplace. Be a little cautious when playing in hard skill, there's a quite of adversary.
Contains: A box of TNT, a box of shells, voodoo doll, Guns Akimbo

NON-Secrets, still somewhat hidden:
Bloody closet in one of bedrooms. Skeleton hanging there has something hidden.
Contains: Body armor

There's voodoo doll behind the curtain (yes, I know that you will know that!) Nearby is a fireplace. Fire won't burn, it just be. After secret other fires will burn less.
Contains: Fire armour

If you ask what doll and what curtain, you'll perhaps find your way to kitchen. When you come out of kitchen door, you'll face directly the curtain.
Contains: Voodoo doll

SECRET LEVEL: You need to collect all tomes to proceed to hidden secret level, E2M9: Thin Ice. The Gateway Fog comes from the magic circle in moon key room.

Tomes are located:

  • Near spider key
  • Near dagger key
  • Behind the bookshelf in one of bedrooms
  • In the hidden room near the library
  • In the library on the bookshelf, lift yourself up
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    E2M5: The Haunting
    Use gargoyle (not that big one in hard skill, the smaller, of course!) or some similar to get over the hedge from the right side. You can also come here later from window upstairs, but you can also fetch the key now...
    Contains: Beast vision

    As you begin to rise stairs inside the hedge wall, you probably note the different colored hedge facing the light.
    Contains: Some basic items: Two spray cans, body armour, shotgun

    Near where spider key and gargoyles are: You get on the hedge by jumping from the path. Jump over hedges to the smallest one near far wall and a hedge opens before you.
    Contains: Full armour

    In library, if viewed from the outdoor direction: The bookshelf at the left is actually an elevator. It has also different color.
    Contains: Drum of bullets, box of TNT, 2x4 shells

    Also in library, the fires inside the fireplace will not burn. Wall beyond fire will slide away. (There may be a bug in this secret, at least in Blood v1.11, it credits you everytime when you visit there.)
    Contains: Fire armor

    At upstairs: Located on the hallway around the bedrooms is a bookshelf. It will rotate, if you push it at right spot, from the center of the larger shelf to be precise.
    Contains: Voodoo doll, doctor's bag, spirit armor

    In the library with green wall where were large zombies... near the table is gray wall piece, it will activate bookshelf to move aside.
    Contains: Box of shells, cloak of invisiblity

    In another, smaller library with X-shaped planks on ex-window. If you stand facing the X, the left side bookshelf behind you is it.
    Contains: Guns Akimbo
    SUPER SECRET: Before the maze filled with zombies, there's a pool with a doctor's bag located on the courtyard. An archway leads to the zombie maze. Stop just before the archway and tune your audio equipment so that you hear all sounds loud and clear. Walk thru the archway and follow the path to the right. Continue a short while. Turn from a corner and continue again slowly. Now, you should hear some humming. As you approach next corner, the humming comes slightly louder. The pathway turns to the left, but instead following it crouch few steps away, face to the left towards the fence and push it. You'll hit the invisible trigger. There's no visible sign and no other clue than the sound which reveals the SUPER SECRET.
    Contains: Voodoo doll, full armour, 4 promixity detonators, 4 trigger bombs

    Thanks to Stuart Sibley for finding the SUPER SECRET!

    How to scavenge cheat codes from Blood?

    You can read all cheat codes from the Blood Executable file without problems if you have proper programs to display all file contents. Some disk editors or some file viewers could be handy. I used Directory Controller for DOS to view the file and then simply searched all text strings by pressing A. Well, near 1300000 bytes from the start of the file seems to be some interesting stuff. If you remember how alphabets go, you can read easily cheat codes, try for example LARA CROFT or FUNKY SHOES to help you, if you won't get any enlightment by writing them to paper...

    Worth of trying:
    During my experiments I invent a way to do very high leap. You have probably noticed that whipping wall with napalm launcher won't push you into air as in Quake. Try to jump directly upwards with jumping boots and when you're near the highest point, drop remote detonator with Alt-Fire and quickly blow it up. You get some damage unless you have god mode on and you really fly upwards more.

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    E2M6: The Cold Rush

    You must jump over small deep hole before receiving key. If you look a little bit down, you'll see a ledge with items.
    Contains: Few bullets, 4 shells

    There's large ice cliff. You'll probably already noticed life seed from another side of chasm, you must travel nearer to jump to get it. From cliff it is pretty hard to get back, use Boots of Jumping, if possible.
    Contains: Life seed

    At the ledge after the jump exercise from the ice block to ice block, you'll note a crack in the far wall. Blow it up.
    Contains: Two spray cans, Boots of Jumping, way to another secret

    From previous secret, blow up another wall. You can go there also with boots from icy cave with monks and key.
    Contains: Box with TNT, shotgun, tommy gun

    There's a tower with hole on the ceiling. Use Boots of Jumping to get there.
    Contains: 2x promixity bombs, 3x remote detonators

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    E2M7: The Bowels of the Earth

    After very big jump over fiery chasm turn to right. There's some debris, when you investigate more closely, you discover passage beyond.
    Contains: 2x4 shells, life seed

    When you must go to the underwater, first use your diving suit to flip large wooden lever at the left to open a passage. Then go back and investigate right side corridor and rise to the surface.
    Contains: Diving suit, some other misc. stuff

    E2M8: The Lair of Shial

    It seems that there are no official secrets. Some items are lying around but you can find them pretty easily. And anyway it's useless to greed everything with you because this is the end (of Shial, of course).

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    E2M9: Thin Ice

    From the start swim under the ice, to the left, behind the wall.
    Contains: Full armour, doctor's bag

    In a large ice field where ice will crack and form the opening, jump to the water, swim towards the path onwards and a bit to the left. There will be opened a new way where you came from. Swim closer, water monsters will attack you. Finish them off and examine the place. You'll find small niche.
    Contains: A drum of bullets, a box of shells

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