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Blood: Fresh Supply released

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Comments for Blood: Fresh Supply released
# 2 von Gideon
Beyond the wide concerns about accuracy, the bigger problem for me is the system requirements. No way in seven hells am I going to be able to run this on my hardware (BloodGDX and NBlood run like a charm; hell, GDX ran okay on my old rig!).

I have a similar problem with Strife: Veteran Edition. I mean, sure add new bells and whistles but why do I need a beast of a graphics card to play game form 199x? It simply beggars belief. Get your priorities straight Nightdive. Scalability is necessary.

So definitely sticking to NBlood, but I will buy it once the Linux is out to support Linux gaming and Blood.

# 1 von Gideon
Yay! Welcolme back L3GEND!

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