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BloodGDX released
M210 has released a new Port BloodGDX, which is based on the Java-Framework LibGDX.


"BloodGDX - is more perspecive project then BloodCM. I started reverse-engeneering of original blood.exe, because I successfuly found main BuildEngine methods such as rotatesprite, drawsprites, drawrooms etc. In this way, I had got 50% of Blood source code and 20% of methods I found in alpha version source code (some methods are without changes). Also alpha source code helpt me with figuration of my decompiled code.

My Blood port is based on Java's libgdx framework and can reading all of original Blood maps and original Blood resources and playing as original Blood at this time(perhaps there is have a difference between Blood v1.21 and my port, because I working on decompilation of v1.00 (v1.00 is more readable after reverse-engeneering than v1.21)

After my first release of BloodGDX I can start to fix graphics bugs, rewrite renderer and writing models/voxels and hires textures support."

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