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new map, sacreligious

Tekedon has released a new singleplayer map .

A map made by Tekedon


Happy new year to everybody! A small map I decided to finish up. This is not nearly as big or as polished as my usual stuff. Just a fun little map i decided to release as a newyears present to the community. This contains a new mid-file. Just extract the zip to the bloodfolder and run sacr.bat.

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Comments for new map, sacreligious
# 4 von Sir Seizhak
It's a great job. I wrote a review in Spanish: 83/100 (http://bloodhispano.ucoz.es/load/mapasbloodsp/sacreligious/7-1-0-309)

# 3 von TheNight
Great job!

# 2 von salceson
creepy cool map :)

# 1 von Manhs
Difficult sometimes but it was fun, nice theme too ^^

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