Domus Durbentia (Dark Wisdom)
The cultist language has two forms - colloquial - which is crass, sharp and terrifying and formal - which is a Latin-derivative, and even more terrifying. The cultist language is a strange combination of Latin and Sanskrit (really is, look it up!).


Nouns / adjectives:

Blood (formal) - cruo

To make bloody (colloquial) - cruonita

Bloodthirsty (colloquial) - cruonit

Bloodhungry (formal) - cruentu

Bloodshed (colloquial) - cruensseasrjit

Blood brother (formal)- crunatus

Believer (formal) - rudsceleratus

Believer (colloquial) - rud’minuox

Massacre (colloquial) - cruo-stragaraNa

Massacre (formal) - prayaNavita

Death (colloquial) - marana

Heaven (formal) - maravita

Blood heaven (formal) - pretiacruento

Order (formal) - vilomaxus

Blessed (formal) - pestis cruento

Curse (formal) cruento pestis

Home (formal) domus-bhaava

Light (formal) acerbus-shatruex

Enemies (formal) Shatruex

Dark (formal) domus

To make dark (formal) infuscomus

Unbeliever / Humanity (colloquial) malax

Unbeliever Humanity (formal) caecux

Foreigner (formal) infirmux

Living dead (formal) pretaanluxis

Spirit (formal) praaNsilenux

Spirit (colloquial) tuulenux

Shit (colloquial) exim’ha

Eat (colloquial) vorox

Drink (colloquial) bibox

Unquenchable (formal) quodpipax

World (formal) lokemundux

Weakling (colloquial) pallex

Pray (formal) profanuxes

Pray (colloquial) profanx

Hate (formal) invisuu

Hate (colloquial) invisux

Love (formal) odiosuu

Love (colloquial) odiosux

Gun (colloquial) vigra

Ecstasy/enlightenment (formal) cruento paashaeximus

Chaos (formal) shaantitus

Wisdom (formal) durbentia

Fresh (colloquial) crudux


To become (formal) bhuudesco

To become (colloquial) desco

To be (formal) bhuuesco

To be (colloquial) esco

To have, possess (formal) geropayati

To have, possess (colloquial) gero

To do, to inflict upon (formal) hatanoceo

To do, inflict upon (colloquial) hatanoceo