Life Essence
Boosts your health by 20 points, up to 100.
Medacine Patch
Boosts your health by 50 points up to 100.
Life Seed
Adds 100 points to your health, up to 200 total.
Fire Amor
Adds 100 fire resistant armor, which is useful against flares, flaming aerosol, and the residual effects of dynamite and napalm.
Spirit Armor
Adds 100 spiritual armor, which will absorb damage from the Voodoo Doll and Life Leech.
Body Armor
Adds 100 body armor.
Basic Armor
Adds 50 of each type of armor Adds 50 of each type of armor.
Super Armor
Adds 200 points of body, fire, and spirit armor.
Death Mask
Provides temporary invulnerability to all attacks. Note that you are still susceptible to physics, which means a dynamite blast may hurl you off a cliff. Baytor's Tip: The Monolith team has admitted that they forgot to tint the screen to show when this powerup is active. Be careful, or you might find it wearing off at a very inopportune time.
Guns Akimbo
Gives you double-fisted killing power with one-handed weapons, such as the shotgun, flare gun, and Tommy gun. Baytor's Tip: It's not always advantageous to pick up this powerup. Although the Guns Akimbo gives you increased firepower, it chews up ammo twice as quickly (often very wastefully). It's extremely helpful against tougher oppenents, especially the living variety you'll find in a Bloodbath.
Crystal Ball
In BloodBath, this powerup enables you to see your enemies regardless of where they are. Cycle through your foes by repeatedly hitting the hotkey or Enter. To deactivate the crystal ball and save it for later, scroll through all opponents and it will turn off.
Beast Vision
You'll no longer need to fear the creatures in the dark.
Diving Suit
Automatically activates shortly after entering the water. Be careful, because it doesn't last for very long.
Doctor's Bag
Will restore up to 100 points of health when activated. The unused medicine will remain in your inventory until used up. Keep this item handy!
This odd little artifact shows up mostly in user maps, and causes extreme delirium, much like the bite of a red spider. There were originally three other types of mushrooms, with such affects as rage, grow, and shrink. Only the delirium mushroom made its way into the final code. An invisible delirium mushroom can be found in the men's room of the Monolith Building II Blood Bath level that is available with the Plasma Pak.
Reflective Shots
This powerup causes bullets to bounce back at your attacker. You are still susceptible to flares and explosives, so be careful. Baytor's Tip: As it says, you're still vulnerable to fire, explosives, and tesla cannons, so don't get cocky.
Cloak of Invisibility
The cloak will hide you from your enemies. That is, until you decide to attack them, even then they will have a hard time attacking you. Definately, one of the more useful power-ups in the game.
Cloak of Shadows
This strange artifact on shows up in Cryptic Passage, and no one seems to know what it does.