IRC session with Nick Newhard= C0DEACE1 on 1996

<RobBrown> Can you tell me what is the Q-Studios-Monolith arrangement? Are they the same company renamed?

<C0DEACE1> Well, it's not public yet, but it is so close here's the deal...

<C0DEACE1> Peter and I started Q Studios with Kevin Kilstrom

<C0DEACE1> Peter and I worked at one time for Edmark - an "edutainment" company

<C0DEACE1> The Monolith people also worked there.

<C0DEACE1> So anyways...

<C0DEACE1> We started Q Studios

<C0DEACE1> and they started Monolith a year or so later.,

<C0DEACE1> While we were building Blood.

<C0DEACE1> They were working on stuff for Microsoft,

<C0DEACE1> I'll let you guess which company made more money...

<tWiCe> so is this the blood engine?

<C0DEACE1> Blood uses the Build engine. And no, Blood is not out yet.

<phoebus> Nick: doesn't start w/ a Q

<C0DEACE1> But Monolith and Q Studios always had the same goals.

<phoebus> All: this is cool, let's shut up a sec

<C0DEACE1> That is to make kick-ass multiplayer games.

<C0DEACE1> So we talked about it and decided for various reasons to merge the two companies.

<RobBrown> It's really nice that you are stopping by Nick. As you can see, there is ALOT of interest in what you are all doing.

<C0DEACE1> The deal isn't signed yet, but it makes incredible sense.

<C0DEACE1> We will be posting a bunch of stuff about the merger when the papers are signed.

<tWiCe> are the enemies polygons like quake?

<C0DEACE1> Shouldn't be more than a week or so.

Nick: Let's just hope you don't get swallowed by the Monolith (I don't think it will happen)

<QWAB> Nick i really appreciate you chating with us

<C0DEACE1> phoebus : no such problems.

<C0DEACE1> QWAB Thanks!

<phoebus> QWAB: here, here

<QWAB> i should be saying thanks to you

<QWAB> not all game designers are as nice as Nick here not nameing names but (id)

<phoebus> Nick: Are you as tired of playing Quake as I am?

<OoD|EN4CR> Hey...quake's still fun


<C0DEACE1> We still like Quake around here, but Blood rules in BloodBath.

<phoebus> Nick: I'm saturated; want something new.

<MattCake> I'm not tired of Quake , cos I never played it that much

<Rott_> when will aa sw release of blood be out?

<C0DEACE1> I like being saturated with death in a game.

<RobBrown> Rott:When it's done!

<C0DEACE1> RB: Thankx

<phoebus> Nick: I'm looking forward to Hexen2

<C0DEACE1> phoebus : We hope it is a better action game than Hexen.

<MattCake> Rob:Where did that phrase come from? Somewhere on cserve?

<Rott_> dats all 3drealms ever says

<RobBrown> MattCake:hehhehe

<phoebus> Nick: I found a few cool Hexen deathmatch levels, actually

<C0DEACE1> Rott_ : It is the only official answer we can give, but we are busting our asses to get it done.

<tWiCe> C0DEACE1: How many levels with the shareware and estimated for full?

<C0DEACE1> twice : eight in the shareware right now. subject to changce.

<PatolAWAY> Nick=3DCodeace?


<C0DEACE1> My build is done, no pun intended, and I've gotta go back to testing.

<C0DEACE1> I WILL be back.

* RobBrown says "Goodbye" to C0DEACE1.

<QWAB> bye Nick you rule

<RobBrown> Thanks again for stopping by!

<C0DEACE1> Thanks for you interest in Blood people. Let's try to get these questions over to #blood.

<QWAB> ya everyone over to #blood

<RobBrown> I'll jump pailhead for ya Nick!

<C0DEACE1> Rob : Rub it in.

<C0DEACE1> In case any of you are wondering...I'm the designer and a programmer on Blood...

<C0DEACE1> C'YA!!!!!

<phoebus> Nick: And all around cool guy

<QWAB> Nick: realy i couldn't tell lol

*** C0DEACE1 (~nick@ has left #duke3d