Interview with Ken Silvermann on 28.07.2014
BL : What do you think of recreating blood ? And what should be noted ?

KS : The Blood team spent 4 years designing the original game. I should think it would take at least as long to recreate Blood, assuming you have programmers who know what they're doing. Who's going to waste all that time?

BL : Why is the blood source code still not published ? What reasons has that in your opinion ?

KS : I know from personal experience that Nick Newhard was protective of his work. However in this case, I think it all has to do with ATARI owning the rights - at least that's what I read online.

BL : What was your role in the development of blood ?

KS : I wrote the Build Engine. I visited the team in Redmond 3 times, each for about a week. During those times, I worked closely with the programmers - Nick Newhard and Peter Freese. Those guys also visited Texas in 1995 for about 2 weeks. I was mostly helping them fix bugs related to the engine. I helped them to implement network code. The room over room effect was something I started collaboratively with Nick.

BL : Which build title you like the most and why ?

KS : I like Duke Nukem 3D for being the first big title and the one that paved the way. I like Shadow Warrior for having the cleanest code and Blood for having the best artwork.

BL : You've played the first blood, what did you like the most ?

KS : The artwork, voxel sprites, and physics system really stand out for me.

BL: Do you play computer games today, and if so which ones ?

KS : Not really. When I waste time, I mostly play my own games that I wrote in Evaldraw.

BL : Would you like to add something ?

(signed char)(64 + 64) = -128 ;-P

-Ken S.