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Russian Blood Demo CD
Russian Blood Demo CD
Name (Version) Russian Blood Demo CD
Author unknown
Date 19.05.2015
size n/a
Rating   8
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A Russian demo CD, which contains a few interesting things. Screenshots, tools, patches, sharewares .
It also contains alpha-related stuff . The CD is not licensed, it´s a bootleg.

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# 10 von L3GEND We are very sorry. The downloads will come back soon .
Temporary the file on our filehoster account :

Archive Password []

# 9 von Corvin If I remember right, someone in the Blood Line forums sent it to Legend, perhaps contact him. You'll have to find the original post though.
# 8 von john No, it's not working. I haven't found this anywhere. From what I hear, it's got a lot of additional stuff to the regular blood alpha.
# 7 von Corvin His DLs still not working? Have you looked around for this file any place else? It's truly The full Blood alpha.
# 6 von john Anyone got a backup link?
# 5 von Corvin I've seen this full alpha posted at some beta site before. I didn't save the link though.
# 4 von john A lot of downloads seem to be down... Is there a mirror link somewhere?
# 3 von TheNight Hmm.... Interesting stuff....
# 2 von BME It's pretty much the same as the normal Alpha leak,
this one:

# 1 von L3GEND very interesting content, especially cool alpha stuff .