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BloodLines TC - BETA & Sin Campaign - rescripted
BloodLines TC - BETA & Sin Campaign  - rescripted
Name (Version) BloodLines TC - BETA & Sin Campaign (- rescripted)
Author Necrosoft Production and Daedalus, BME
Date 18.04.2015
size n/a
Rating   9.4
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BloodLines was to be the most ambitious total conversion ever created for Blood. It still is, but it's far from what was intended. We have admitted that BloodLines will never be fully completed and have decided to release the TC "as is" with some retouching to make incomplete maps actually playable. I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as we have enjoyed making it. Be aware though, that not all maps are what you would expect from a Blood level, it's not all bloody mayhem. Don't be disappointed if the TC doesn't fit your ideas about how a 3d-shooter should be, much of it is about atmosphere rather than action, you will benefit from approaching BloodLines with an open mind.

This is the beta version of the first three episodes, including 13 maps, two new enemies and loads of new art and sound.

The SIN Campaign was designed to be played on 'Well Done' difficulty. Feel free to play it on whatever you wish, but Extra Crispy will result in an ammunition shortage while the lower difficulties will present you with too much.

Secondly, Sinc04 'Chateau Darkfrost' and ONLY Sinc04 must be played with Bloodlines installed.
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# 18 von aguffzuwosubu - Buy Amoxicillin <a href="">Dosage For Amoxicillin 500mg</a>
# 17 von Nemo Okay, now I understand.

I located Daedalus' original comments on the Sin Campaign at The Postmortem site. And that final line in the description above seems to come directly from him.

He also clearly identifies the Sin Campaign as a "split" episode: the first 3 levels were always meant to be played under Blood (Plasma Pak) only, and the final level played by reloading the savegame under the Bloodlines TC.

# 16 von L3GEND Sorry have overlooked your comment :)
Yes I have, maybe I did not notice it ....

# 15 von Nemo L3GEND? Any response?
# 14 von Nemo Just to clarify, it's not that the OUWB/1.21 *engine* has any difficulties playing the levels. It's simply that the Bloodlines ART removes or replaces newer art tiles that are essential for 1.21's enhancements (the pods, in particular) to display properly during a game.

L3GEND: Did you play through the whole episode using OUWB *with* Bloodlines installed on top of it?

If so, you should have encountered some VERY bizarre pods in Level 1. If not, Level 4 should have had major rendering problems, particularly off the back hall of the mansion, due to *missing* Bloodlines art tiles.

# 13 von L3GEND I had no problems with v1.21 ...
# 12 von Nemo BME: Best I can figure, Sin Campaign is a "would-be" fusion of two incompatible MINI-episodes:

SinC01 and 2, which play fine under Blood (Plasma Pack), but not under Bloodlines;

SinC03 and 4, which -- to be run together -- REQUIRE Bloodlines TC. (Level 3 seems compatible with either "platform", but since it clearly transitions into Level 4, it's not very separable.)

So, color me confused. I wish Daedalus could chime in on this. It at least SEEMS as if Sin Campaign could never have worked quite right as a SINGLE episode.

# 11 von BME So that means that it's not playable with OUWB/1.21 altogether?
# 10 von Nemo The problems that manifest in Sin Campaign's earliest maps (particularly SinC01), when played under Bloodlines, stem from two causes:

1) The Bloodlines TC art files apparently pre-date Plasma Pak, so there are NO functional green or fire pod graphics in them;
2) Some of the Bloodlines custom art was inserted into slots that were later USED by Plasma Pak for the fire pod shooting animations. As a result, an invisible fire pod shoots "flying pictures" when the Bloodlines art is used

The issue thus seems relatively unfixable, since Sin Campaign (in part) REQUIRES Plasma Pak, while the supplied Bloodlines art is quite incapable of supporting it fully.

So, the final statement above is right on the money -- SinC04 ABSOLUTELY needs the Bloodlines art, while at least SinC01 and SinC02 don't work properly WITH the Bloodlines art.

"Ya can't get there from here."

By the way, CP doesn't swap out Tiles017; its replacements are for Tiles007 and 15. But CP is definitely not the cause of the problem.

# 9 von BME The TILES017 used for Cryptic is normally renamed and replaced when CRYPTIC EXE is run so it's virtually impossible it got in the way, unless of course the Blood folder was already a mess.
# 8 von Krypto Thinking back it was probably caused by the additional TILES017.ART used by Cryptic Passage, still theirs no harm in keeping separate downloads as it's the most popular download on Bloodline so far :3
# 7 von BME By the way; i'm not one of the authors, I just rescripted the install BAT.
# 6 von BME Why offered offered separately?
I haven't had any problems playing Bloodlines and/or Sin Campaign.

Where did you see those garbled green plants turn up?

# 5 von Krypto Bloodlines does indeed cause problems with earlier maps in SIN, it fucks up the Green plant enemies so their sprites are a garbled grey mess which was a huge annoyance playing through half the map whilst recording my playthrough only to find this problem and forcing to restart >_<
# 4 von L3GEND Yes, that's right. However, but I thought that should be offered separately. Because the original version of bloodlines always makes problems.
# 3 von BME Indeed, one needs not to look elsewhere once having the mappack.
# 2 von L3GEND No, I downloaded it at R.T.C.M :)
# 1 von Krypto Ah I remember finding this in BME's map pack, handy compilation of the two map sets. Is that where you found it? :)