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BME´s Blood Map Pack 2014
Name (Version) BME´s Blood Map Pack 2014
Author BME
Date 12.04.2015
size n/a
Rating   10
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Downloads 441


Attention, this version is no longer current.
Download the new version, BMEs Blood Map Pack 2015

The Ultimate Blood Map and Add-on Collection!

- 1119 ZIPs - 1650 maps - 285 authors

This is an update and total replacement of the previous pack released in april of 2013.
The archive has been totally restructured, there are many updates like previously unknown maps being identified and over 100 new maps and add-ons have been added and more.

I like to thank Corvin, Mike Ochs and all mappers out there!

This file is 229 MB in size.

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# 19 von BME 1706 maps and counting.....
# 18 von BME There's somebody who is capitalizing on the mappack by having made a launcher for it.
There's nothing wrong with such a creation if it would've been released individually but MP2014 was included.

# 17 von BME You mean, a certain episode we 'have to wait for' will be released soon? ;)
# 16 von Sir Seizhak Nice :D
# 15 von BME I predict the counter will at least go up to 1715 but with a couple of expected episodes could easily go up to as far as 1730.
# 14 von L3GEND 1696 :)
# 13 von BME 1694 maps now and counting.....
# 12 von BME A double, not a Blood- or working map etc.
# 11 von Krypto Why were 4 deleted? :o
# 10 von BME 1690 so far now.....
# 9 von BME Mappack 2015 is still growing with new maps and fixes; 38 new ones, 10 repaired and 4 deleted.

The amount of maps is expected to exceed 1700 before the year is out!

# 8 von BME Well, those 1650 aren't all single player maps but also part of episodes, bloodbath and tutorials :)
# 7 von bloodredFox awesome stuff, 1650 maps? :O I have to check this one out!
# 6 von Corvin Most people already DL this from the main site or the official mirrors listed a BME's website, the past 6 months.
# 5 von Sir Seizhak Yeah, BME. It would be awesome another BME's Blood Map Pack. Let's keep creating more stuff for Blood!
# 4 von BME I personally do not care about any of those numbers.
I rather see the mappack grow each year with interesting newly made or found maps and/or add-ons.

# 3 von L3GEND Not everyone who sees it, download it.
unfortunately :(

# 2 von Krypto And.. now it doesn't :(
# 1 von Krypto The number of views matches the number of downloads for this one :)