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The Lost Temple
The Lost Temple
Name (Version) The Lost Temple
Author Michael Ochs |
Date 12.02.2016
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There are some rumors about a ruin of a temple deep in the woods where strange things are
happening. You are about to find out if this ruin really exists and what evil might has
manifested itself in there. But first you have to fight your way into the ruin, as you
find out that it is heavily guarded by some cultists and hordes of zombies. You wonder what
will be inside this ruin, that seems to be reactivated in some strange way. Will you be able to fight your way into the ruin...

With this map I pushed the blood engine to its limits and I learned a lot about it. There are a lot of scriptings and hidden switches included. Be careful with your ammo because there are some passages where it becomes very rare and you have to go on killing to earn some. There are several secrets to discover and some parts are also very tricky and difficult to handle, but once you made it, you can be proud :-) The tactical use of alternative fire is also helpful to master this map. It is a level with all kind of details, you can burst almost everything with dynamite
or by shooting. I think that gives the map a more realistic touch. This map took me a lot of time - I hope you enjoy playing it. It is also partly dedicated to my father, who died during the time when
I was creating this map.

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# 2 von L3GEND Always this polemic . You would not believe how long it takes to upload and enter 37 maps with screenshots, description and a cover . It has took me about 10 hours .
The screenshots and the contents on freeminded are solely generated by the community not from freeminded itself . So why I should not use it ? The BloodRepository and BloodHispano also use screenshots from freeminded . According to your logic it would be lazy to use the description from the readme . I have nothing against criticism, I am always open to suggestions for improvement . However, this is not a criticism, it is just polemical .

# 1 von BME The person who uploaded this is such a lazy individual;
uploading a zip straight out of the mappack and using the screenshots from