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Red Hot 1.00
Red Hot 1.00
Name (Version) Red Hot (1.00)
Author UK Action
Date 12.07.2015
size n/a
Rating   10
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A levelpack for Blood, Outlaws und Redneck Rampage .
The archive password is

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# 9 von Corvin The only things I remember is there where all these maps but are already available for Blood, except like 10 maps which i never seen before. The RR stuff is all old stuff as well.
# 8 von Sir Seizhak I played this maps long time ago. Nothing interesting actually.
# 7 von Corvin All the downloads are broken. Contact Legend (site owner), he may upload it for you some place else.
# 6 von Anonymous Download seems broken. redirects back to main page.
# 5 von TheCultist Password is, just found it
# 4 von BME Well I wasn't talking about a person in particular, just the lock. But never mind then :)
# 3 von L3GEND I do not know, I have not created that archive .
# 2 von BME Nevermind, I really didn't expect one so didn't read the description.

What's the reason for the lock? exclusivity or something?
It doesn't do much though since someone can unlock it, rezip it and upload it elsewhere.

# 1 von BME What's the password?