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tuesday 25. 08. 2015
Texture Pack by The Night
from L3GEND

The Night calls it a wrap!
The textures are now in their final state and have been imported to 3 ART files.

But that's not all.....

There are some new sky textures and voxels in the pipeline as well,
so stay tuned!


Wednesday 05. 08. 2015
Bad news for CWHHROT 2 - Run Like A Villain
from L3GEND

It has become quiet around Caleb Will Have His Revenge On Toronto 2- Run Like A Villain . The nice trailer was released almost one year ago. Jahrax , one of the project leaders, said that the completion of CWHHROT 2 is as probable as the release of Blood 3 . "I see absolutely no prospects" . Nevertheless, he has published screamshots and a small map overview .

Jahrax : I dont believe that anyone is calling us to finish CWHHROT 2 .

Source : bloodgame.ru ( in russian language )

Episodes Overview
CE2M1 - Trip

A car trip on which you meet some enemies, as Cultists and Gargoyles .

CE2M2 - Farm ( no screamshots available )
In the story, Caleb runs out of fuel and stops at a farm, where he wants to "borrow" a few cans of gasoline.Unfortunately, he finds the family, which lives on the farm, locked in the basement. The farm must be defended now against invading Cultists.
Jahrax & Junga have planned some interactive elements.
After a while, the enemy spawning stops and Caleb receives the coveted full. The atmosphere, hilarious family members, the theme of incest and other fun in the spirit of Scum Of Dallas.

CE2M3 - Dam
Caleb continues his journey, which turns into a pile of scrap metal, he is now in michigan . A large dam, overlooking the city at night and a trip on a motor boat . Ultimately, this leads Calebs journey to the pearl of the whole episode - He flies with an airship over the United States and the Lake Huron directly to Canada.


Monday 27. 07. 2015
Build ART Files Editor (1.11)
from L3GEND

- Easy import of BMP and PNG files, will be converted to the selected palette automatically.
- 3 Preset Palettes; Duke3D, Blood and Shadow Warrior.
- Tiles can be resized, offset, batch imported and deleted.

and much more.....



Saturday 25. 07. 2015
BuildSharp update #14
from BME


Thursday 23. 07. 2015
New Blood Christmas Episode
from L3GEND

Nyyss0nen is working on a new blood epsiode, which is named christmas episode . Currently, only a working title . There will be also separate new weapons implemented , such as an ax from Witchaven or the M16 from NAM . The episode will contain about 11 maps . When the episode will be released is unknown .

More information can be found on his website

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