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personality and wedding style
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A great way to make your honeymoon even more memorable is to celebrate with a photoshoot. Rather than getting your dress dry long prom dresses cleaned straight after the wedding, pack it in your luggage and get ready to leave it at your honeymoon destination!

We know you’ll have some amazing photos from your honeymoon anyway, but why not make those shots even more memorable by re-enacting the most recent amazing day of your lives?

Now what about time for alterations?

I would say that even if you haven’t found a dress yet, it’s never too late to line up your seamstress. Contact who you want to use and let them know your wedding date and that you are still searching for your dress. This way you have them secured for when you do ??

Because not all brides are the same and your wedding day should be a representation of your personal style, get inspired by those brides who choose to be themselves while breaking the wedding paradigm. Here are alternative bridal looks for a wedding dresses one-of-a-kind wedding.

From your wedding gown and hairstyle, to your bridal party and wedding shoes, your uniqueness shouldn’t be overshadowed by bridal standards and traditions. So if you are ready to stand-out with your style and personality here’s some inspo from unconventional brides who went all-in!

I hope this helped. Just remember, to stay calm – whatever you wear and however and when you say “I do” it will be perfect because you have each other. Trust your stylist and shop that they are doing everything they can to help you with your dress. Trust your wedding vendors that are proactively going the extra mile to make sure you have the perfect day. We all need to do our part to stay healthy and calm with grace. And remember we are all human, trying to do our best.

We know you’ve seen jumpsuits, pants and bridal suits before; sports bras the 2020 twist is to incorporate feminine elements such as trains, bows and lace to the equation. If fashion is a must in your life and you are always down for an edgy look, take a deep look into this avant-garde trend.

Keeping up with the lace vibes, this stunning design by Carolina Herrera takes the cloak to a whole new level, with a flowing lace cape that doubles as a train. The design is completed with an off-the-shoulder bodice with long lace sleeves. With this one you can wear pants without sacrificing the theatre of a long train.