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Monday 25. 07. 2016
Baratus II's Blood Map Editing Contest
from BaratusII

BaratusII (Editor) has stated in Nyyss0nen's BLOOD Multiplayer Group

I will be hosting a contest today.
Blood Map Editing Contest
Who ever wins on the level number position will be put in the new episode for Blood
Select your level name as BLVL(number) and start making some maps :)
Have fun.

Be sure to open MAPEDIT on your Blood Dir and start making some maps :)

Contact me at

Friday 22. 07. 2016
The Beauty Clinic, new singlepayler map
from L3GEND

Sir Seizhak has released a new singleplayer map .

a singleplayer map by Sir Seizhak


Caleb has an ugly scar in his face due to a brawl in a bar. He heard good references about a beauty clinic where they're able to erase the worst scars. After having a conversation with the medical surgeon, Caleb realizes that there's something wrong. Finally, Caleb decides to enter the clinic by night using a crate that will be send to the beauty clinic.


Friday 22. 07. 2016
Cult 5: Shady Gardens
from L3GEND

Bifurcator has released a new singleplayer map .

a singleplayer map by Bifurcator


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Sunday 17. 07. 2016
Innsmouth Corporate Plaza. New map!
from Sir Seizhak

I have recently finished a map. It was in my HD, uncompleted... until now.

You can download it at:

-Blood Hispano.
-Blood Freeminded.
-Blood Repository.

Happy BloodBath!

Saturday 16. 07. 2016
Jace Hall's newest post
from L3GEND

Jace Hall has posted something Blood related on his Facebook page. Due to his recently Post it leaves room for interpretations .

"Sitting here with OG game designer Nick Newhard discussing secrets..
U do the math. iLiveAgain"

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