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Monday 28. 03. 2016
New map!
from Sir Seizhak

GuNz and OCPJR have released a new map for Blood, although is a mixture of other maps:

You can get it here.

Thursday 17. 03. 2016
Blood Speedrun Challenge
from L3GEND

Nyyss0nen initiated a Blood Speedrun Challenge .

The point is to beat the time of other competitors . Anyone can participate . More information on the related internet site .

Blood Speedrun Challenge Homepage

Forum Discussion


Thursday 18. 02. 2016
BloodCM v02.2016 released
from L3GEND

M210 has released a new version of Blood CM. The fourth episode was added and therefore it contains now all the episodes from the main game .


Monday 15. 02. 2016
New singleplayer map from Michael Poltavsky
from L3GEND

Michael "Bifurcator" Poltavsky has released a new singleplayer map called Corrupted Village . This map was planned as the third map in the addon Cult .


tuesday 09. 02. 2016
New maps from SpillSomeBlood
from L3GEND

SpillSomeBlood has released two new maps, a BloodBath map called Arena Gate and an extended version of the singleplayer map Return to Haunted Hill .


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