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Monday 07. 11. 2016
new screenshot of DarkTimes
from L3GEND

TheNight sent us some screenshots from the upcoming addon DarkTimes .


Monday 31. 10. 2016
new maps
from L3GEND

The scene has recently been enriched by two new halloween releases.

CRE1M1: Greyvein River

First map (beta) from my upcoming episode 'Cabal's Return'.


Explore Master Barlington's estate, also home to his exclusive gentlemen's club including some prominent figures of the area, owners of influential businesses; Cobbleson & Son's Crimson Brewery, Leroux's Médaillon Bathhouse, Ashford's Bank and Trust, etc. Strange activities have been taking place at the estate and these men are likely involved. Rumours also spread about a new religious cult forming and gossip regarding Barlington's mental health as of late. Sudden disappearances have been reported surrounding the area, but no concrete evidence pointing to the club itself. What secrets are they hiding? Break inside, rummage around, seek documents and discover the truth, no matter how far you must dig to find it.


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Monday 31. 10. 2016
Happy Halloween
from L3GEND

The whole bloodscene wishes you a creepy halloween .


Friday 28. 10. 2016
from L3GEND

TheNight works diligently to complete the first episode of DarkTimes, which he tries to publish Christmas 2016 .
It will include new maps, new textures and much more ;)

"Christmas 2016 Stay tuned"

Monday 25. 07. 2016
Baratus II's Blood Map Editing Contest
from BaratusII

BaratusII (Editor) has stated in Nyyss0nen's BLOOD Multiplayer Group

I will be hosting a contest today.
Blood Map Editing Contest
Who ever wins on the level number position will be put in the new episode for Blood
Select your level name as BLVL(number) and start making some maps :)
Have fun.

Be sure to open MAPEDIT on your Blood Dir and start making some maps :)

Contact me at

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